1. Introduction

What is SEO?

It is all about the optimization of traffic by improving the quality and quantity of the web pages or website on the search engine.

What you must do? Learn SEO from Script with Me…

All you need to do is, diving into details, how the web pages of desktop or mobile render the web pages. You should learn the rendering paths, which are critical about the web pages. This course helps you to learn and understand the complete SEO.

With the help of this course, you can rank your website on the top spot of the google search, with the best techniques of search engine optimization. You will get many real-time research data or examples for justifying the SEO factors.

Why there is a need for SEO?

  • To get a better rank of your website with a strong architecture, with a better index search engine navigation.
  • To get more traffic on your website on the google search engine.
  • As most of the traffic comes in the organic form (unpaid), for which quality and relevant content is crucial.
  • Without SEO you cannot rank your website in the top rank of google search engine.
  • It will help the visitors to get the relevant result, what they look after.

Types of SEO:

There are many types of SEO to boost website traffic in the google search engine. The following are some of the most common types of SEO in the market.

1.  On-page SEO: It is defined as the high-quality content with which, if the visitor visits your website, he/she should spend maximum time. It is all about the content which is ‘on the page’. In addition, you can rapidly increase your traffic by keyword optimistic methods.

2. Off-page SEO: It focuses on, how to bring the visitors to your website by directing from other internet sources. For instance, the ‘Backlinking’ with which, you can bring the traffic and, build the trust of both visitors and, search engines. Significantly, the rank of your website gradually increases. If you succeed in getting the visitors from other authorized sources which help us in building our website authority.

3. Technical SEO: It is something which focuses on On-page SEO factors but, behind the scenes. Google focuses on the technical concept of web pages like the architecture of the website where, google inspects the technical part i.e., the code of the web page with which the content is organized.

Apart from the above-listed SEO, we got some other SEO types like YouTube SEO, Local SEO, etc.,

This course covers all the following necessary concepts, which are needed to become an expert in SEO:

  • Keyword research
  • SEO factors
  • SEO tools

Keyword Research:

  • The proper keyword research is very important as this plays a significant role in google ranking and, helps the visitor to stay on our webpage for a long period i.e., lower bounce rate with the better conversation.
  • The keyword research is basically compiled from the ‘n’ number of keywords for the best ‘m’ searches pages.

Let us start with, what are the keywords?

  • It is a word/concept which has great significance.
  • The phrase which helps you rank your website on google.
  • In SEO the keywords are the words which the customer type on their devices to get the result what they are looking for in google search engine.

Why focus on keyword research?

  • If we do proper keyword research based on the article.
  • If customers type anything like our content, our motive should be, to bring that visitors to our website article.
  • There might be ‘n’ number of articles which are present in google which is related to our article. Try to boost your article in the top spot of google search by, conventional keyword research.
  • We should beat all our competitors in the google search engine and rank in the top position.
  • The best rank of our article, the probability of getting visitors are more.

Types of keywords:

  • Short tail keywords: The phrase in which, the word count is 1 or 2.
  • Log tail keywords: The phrase where the word count is over 2 or 3.

In SEO long-tail keywords are recommended over short-tail keywords.

Why we should select long-tail keywords:

  • It is one of the best SEO tactics, to get your content link in the top rank in the google search engine.
  • The word count for the phrase is longer.
  • There is less competition relatively low search volume.
  • The conversion value is high.